TCS brings to the table unprecedented skills, knowledge and know-how in the area of Class Actions and Asset Preservation Project Management.
Our Team delivers cost effective solutions for handling claims and asset administration, saving you time and money.
TCS can design secure innovative websites, email notification systems, validation protocols and distribution for claimants and homeowners using the most current communication tools and social media.
You can count on client service and cooperation from our team of knowledgeable professionals to deliver exceptional solutions.

The expertise, efficiency, technology and integrity acquired from handling the largest property class action in the United States (Cox v. Shell Polybutylene Case) led to the formation of a boutique style Class Action Administrator - Total Class Solutions LLC ("TCS"). TCS has been handling construction defect, FLSA, FCRA and consumer fraud cases since 2008. TCS handles cases both on a turnkey basis from cradle to grave or alternatively selected elements of the case program.

With that knowledge and experience, TCS has recently restructured and developed three distinct operating divisions to allow for a broader scope of services to be offered to not only attorneys but also to Homeowner and Condo Association Boards of Directors who are embarking upon Capital Improvement and Asset Preservation ventures at their properties.

Class Action Consulting

One of the greatest opportunities to ensure a successfully delivered relief program for a class action or similar settlement is to involve an experienced class action administrator up front. The depth of knowledge of claims procedures will allow for a process that will be 100% customized to the case at hand, and will ensure that the settlement language developed by plaintiffs and defendants is written in such a way that the potential for operational pitfalls are avoided before the program even gets put in place.

The life of a class action can extend over many years. As a class action matures, operations and processes may require tweaking to improve efficiency and productivity. TCS has the skillsets to perform such a review.

Class Action Notice and Administration

With a settlement agreement in place, the responsibility for the successful execution of the relief program is passed from the attorneys to the Claims Administrator. With TCS dealing with the notice and claims aspect of the class action settlement on a day to day basis, attorneys are free to focus on the legal aspects of their practice, with TCS handling issues under the guidelines of the Court in the form of a claims administration order and reporting back accordingly to all Counsel and the Court.

Capital Improvement and Asset Preservation Project Management

On construction defect class action cases, there are often field oversight programs put in place to ensure contractor compliance to approved scope of work within budgeted guidelines. TCS has now extended this role to assist not only in programs as a result of litigation, but also to encompass real estate properties that are going through capital improvement or asset preservation projects. The owners or in-house Boards of Directors of a building are mostly interested in the final product after the construction or remodeling has been completed. However, such individuals generally are disadvantaged when it comes to dealing with a general contractor and the construction of the project since the elements of construction are not normally part of their daily lives. This creates the need for a skilled oversight management professional to protect the interest of the owner – the Owner’s Representative.