TCS Resources

Tim J Taylor

With forty years of worldwide management and financial business experience in multiple industries and the last 18 years in the Class Action Administration environment, Tim brings an extraordinary knowledge to the table when evaluating class action administration operations. With a degree in Business Studies and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a unique series of analytical skills that will allow for a fully comprehensive review of your operations from the top down are available. Tim also excels in communication skills that will allow for the exchange of information both during the review and in the presentation of the results.

Roger D Young

As a degreed professional Roger has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. Over the years, Roger has worked in different areas including application, database and web development. His analytical skills are second to none and he is able to analyze situations and processes very quickly not only in the IT arena but also in general management.

Kathy Chenoweth

With over 20 years of handling claims in both voluntary and class action settlements, Kathy brings considerable knowledge and expertise as it relates to the claims process itself. From establishing claims handling procedures to overseeing large groups of claims examiners and analysts, Kathy has always been able to continually redefine processes to ensure claims were being handled with maximum efficiency as volumes of activity fluctuated.

Flora James

Having worked in both IT and Accounting areas of a Claims Administration organization as well as interfacing with Claims Examiners, Flora brings a unique oversight of financial, systems and claim issues that are involved in building relationships with vendors, clients and class members.