Claims Administration

One of the greatest opportunities for an operationally successful claims processing program is to involve an experienced class action claims administrator, such as Total Class Solutions, up front.

Each settlement/project will require different claims management and administration services. Rather than a 'one size fits all' strategy, TCS allows clients to select services cafeteria-style from their many areas of expertise such as Media Services, Pre-Settlement, Settlement Administration, and Claims, Financial & Judicial Reporting. Ultimately, the package of services offered by TCS will be 100% customized to match your needs.

Claims Administration Services

Prior to the formal settlement, TCS can provide specific claim forms, protocols and recommendations for analysis. Once appointed, TCS will work with plaintiff and defense counsel to develop the claims program. This may involve providing a call center to handle the response to the notice program proposed (telephone prompts and website), a claims program which includes adherence to the criteria for relief, design of claim forms, implementation of the claims processing program, database development and full claims tracking through claim disbursements to eligible claimants.

TCS provides customized reports to assess website and call center activity. With our in-house technology, secure customized websites for the claimants carry the notice and other information as specified by the class action lawsuits settlement, including FAQs, the ability for a claimant to download a PDF of the claim, opt out form, or any other forms as subsequently agreed upon. In some circumstances, online filing is available. TCS provides electronic data to all counsel in weekly reports to monitor the class action participation.

TCS has licensed claims analysts to develop the claim form, evaluate the submissions and handle direct inquiries. Proper claims payments whether by check, repair, or consumer gift card is managed by TCS with strict controls and secure financial methods.

Whether the litigation involves medical products, consumer goods or construction-type defects, TCS is a trusted claims management administrator, recognized by Courts throughout the United States and Canada.