Capital Improvements Team

Michael Shaw

Mr. Shaw has some 30+ years of overall general construction management experience throughout the continental United States, Alaska and the Hawaiian islands both on private projects and federal funded projects. These projects ranged in value up to some 40 million dollars.

He has served as a Construction Manager, Project Manager as well as an Owner’s Construction Manager’s Representative on these projects. The projects ranged from large 400 unit or more new high end construction multi-housing projects, new mixed use commercial/mid-rise projects, and new mid-rise hotel construction projects to extensive capital improvement, renovation projects as well as new commercial office buildings and warehouse projects and restaurants.

In 2011, Mr. Shaw was the on-site representative supervisor for Total Class Solutions during the complete replacement of a hot and cold potable water system. This construction defect work at the Ko’olani Luxury Condominiums, a fully occupied high-rise building with some 350 plus units, is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mr. Shaw brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Total Class Solutions and by extension, to our clients as to the successful and timely completions of all new construction, capital improvement work as well as renovation and construction defect mitigation work and oversight.

John "J J" Jestila

Mr. Jestila ("JJ") has over 30 years of experience in all aspects relating to construction management. His broad scope of work experience ranges from executive management to project management to site management to purchasing and accounting to sales and marketing. He has worked with major US Builders and also smaller boutique builders/developers. For the past 15 years Mr Jestila has been owner of a company coordinating the designing and building of both custom and spec homes.

Mr Jestila has gained his knowledge on the US mainland with both Single Family and Multi Family new construction – building styles have been both in the frame stucco and masonry arenas.

Mr Jestila joined TCS in March 2016 as the Project Manager for a 256 unit condo project (Ilikai Marina) where a contract had been let by the HOA to replace the FCUs. Project time was anticipated to be approximately 6 months. This building was 100% occupied during this process and Mr Jestila lived on site and worked with the HOA, Building and Property Management as well as the homeowners themselves in addition to the oversight of the contractor performing the replacement of the FCUs.

Jose Medina

Jose Medina - an Air Force Reservist - joined TCS in 2011 and participated in the oversight of the Ko'olani Repipe Project in Hawaii prior to two tours of duty in Iraq. In 2015 and 2016, Jose handled all compliance and homeowner issues on two construction defect projects in Las Vegas and now brings his abilities to work with people, his background in safety, management, audits, and sound workmanship as an experienced Project Specialist to TCS on an as and when needed basis.