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TCS is a Trusted Administrator

Total Class Solutions (TCS) – a claims administrator with a focus on real people, real problems and real solutions, has been recognized by Courts throughout the United States and Canada in the Class Action arena, and is available to assist you in the following areas:

  • Consumer Fraud
  • Fair Credit Reporting
  • Privacy
  • Consumer Products
  • Products Liability
  • Plumbing Defects
  • Construction Defects

Representative Cases

Cox vs. Shell et al – Chancery Court for Obion County, Tennessee. A Class Action settlement in excess of $1.1 billion between 1996 and 2010 involving polybutylene products. Over 671,000 claims were opened with over 390,000 claimants receiving relief of which 320,000 homes were totally repiped. The Class Action Settlement is now closed. For additional information go to www.pbpipe.com.

In re Kitec Fitting Litigation – District Court, Clark County, Nevada. Approximately 35,000 residential homes identified with Kitec fittings that allegedly would dezincify and fail when exposed to water. A $350 million settlement involving over 50 subclasses. For additional information, go to kitec.tcssettlements.com or call toll free 800-622-0130 extension 312.

Glen Vereen vs. Lowe’s Home Center, Inc – Superior Court of Muscogee County, State of Georgia. A $7.75 million settlement involving approximately 42,000 claimants who purchased allegedly defective drywall from Lowe’s that caused property damage and/or personal injury. For additional information go to www.DrywallSettlement.info or call toll free 877-497-3512.

Dragon vs. Vanguard – District Court of McPherson County, Kansas. A four state Class Action (Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma and South Carolina) in which Vanguard polybutylene containing resin manufactured by Mitsui Plastics (a.k.a. “M’Pipe) was installed between July 1, 1992 and December 31, 1995. For additional information go to www.VanguardMPipeSettlement.com or call toll free 855-684-6180.

Gariepy et al vs. Hoechst Celanese Corporation - Ontario Divisional and Superior Court Canada. This case involves polybutylene plumbing and heating systems installed in Canadian Homes between 1975 and 1998. This case is now closed.

In Re: Uponor,Inc.,F1807 Plumbing Fittings Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2247 - US District Court for the District of Minnesota. National class Action that alleged that the Defendants designed, marketed and sold RTI Plumb-Pex Plumbing Systems, containing ASTM standard F1807 brass insert fittings and stainless steel clamps that may leak and cause damage to property. For additional information go to www.RTISettlement.com or call toll free 855-248-4368.

Allen vs. Uponor Ltd - Court of Queen’s Bench of Saskatchewan , Saskatoon Canada. A Canadian Class Action that alleged that the defendants designed, marketed and sold Plasco Plumb-Pex Plumbing Systems, containing ASTM standard F1807 brass insert fittings and stainless steel clamps that may leak and cause property damage. For additional information go to www.CanadianPlumbPexsettlement.ca or call toll free 877-688-9314.

Jackson vs. Metscheck - District Court, Atlanta, Georgia.  A class action involving alleged violations of the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This case is now closed.

National Trucking Financial Reclamation Services, LLC et al v. Pilot Corporation et al. - A class action settlement relating to whether rebates and discounts were properly paid to individuals, businesses, and other entities who participated in Pilot Flying J's over-the-road diesel fuel rebate and discount program.  For more information go to www.DieselRebateSettlement.com.

Charles Trammell et al. vs. Ammari of Louisiana LTD - US District Court for Eastern District of Louisiana. A Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Louisiana Wage Payment Law case involving alleged wage and hour violations. Opt-In case. Handling notice, collection of consent forms and distribution of relief awarded. 

Mathew Lopresti et al vs. Haseko (Hawaii), Inc., et al - Class Action involving approximately 3,000 homeowners in the Ocean Points/Hoakalei Project in Ewa, Honolulu, Hawaii. Handling initial notice and management of opt-outs.

Ronald L. Weiss et al vs. Del Webb Communities, Inc., et al - District Court, Clark County, Nevada. Class Action involving 790 homes in the Anthem Country Club subdivision in Henderson, Nevada. Action arising from an alleged seismic design defect in the plans used to construct such homes. As settlement administrator, TCS will process and handle claims and coordinate overall field repair program with repair contractors and engineers. Case value $ 8.5 million.

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